TreadStone's Pivotal Solutions For The New Energy Economy

TreadStone is providing technology solutions today for tomorrow’s sustainable energy growth. Using patented technology for producing unique Structured Surfaces, TreadStone has solved the universal challenge of many different electrical energy transformation systems. Systems that store massive amounts of electricity for grid stabilization, electrolyzers for the efficient production of clean hydrogen fuel, solid state compressors for storing hydrogen and many transportation and portable power sources require an electrode that stands up to corrosive environments.

By scientifically tailoring the surface chemistry to each market application, TreadStone has been able to leverage its core technology position across the growing “green energy” market. Billions of dollars of investment will be needed in the next 5 years to shore up the US energy independence and improve the efficiency of power usage. Many of these new markets will depend on the Structured Surface products developed at TreadStone.