Gerald DeCuollo President and CEO (left) and Dr. Conghua (CH) Wang, Vice President and CTO of TreadStone Technologies Inc.

About Treadstone:
TreadStone Technologies is a leading innovator of pivotal technologies for the hydrogen economy. TreadStone's patented LiteCell and HydroOSP technologies optimized the development, performance and out-put of fuel cell systems and hydrogen processing. The impact of TreadStone innovations speed the market adoption and application of more efficient fuel cells power systems and the low-cost, fast, efficient processing of hydrogen. TreadStone Technologies, Inc. is located at 201 Washington Road Princeton, New Jersey 08543.

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TreadStone Leadership
TreadStone Technologies Inc. is lead by President and CEO Gerald DeCuollo. Contact Gerry at:  (609) 734-2368

TreadStone Technologies development operations are lead by Dr. Conghua (CH) Wang, Vice President and CTO. Dr. Wang can be contacted at    (609) 734-3071

Board Member        Position
Gerald DeCuollo        Chairman, CEO and President
Conghua Wang        Secretary, CTO and Vice President
Michael Kelley        Director
Franz Jaggar        Director and Treasurer
Anthony Rickert        Director

Gerald DeCuollo, President/CEO - Mr. DeCuollo is the co-founder of TreadStone Technologies contributing over 25 years of experience in the energy, chemical and refining industries. He has an industry track record of excellence in management, technology development and commercialization and business development. As President and CEO of TreadStone he brings a proven brand of leadership crafted in senior positions in related fields having held successful leadership positions in companies like Sarnoff Corporation that specialized in metal plate technologies and Hydrocarbon Technologies Inc. (HTI), an energy and chemical technology company profitably sold in 2000.

DeCuollo has in-depth experience in management, commercial development, sales, product and technical marketing, research, and forecasting. Mr. DeCuollo holds a degree in Chemistry from Fairleigh Dickinson University and a Master in Business Management from Penn State University.

Conghua Wang, PhD, Chief Technology Officer - Dr. Wang is the co-founder of TreadStone Technologies and brings over 15 years of experience in the Fuel Cell industry with special emphasis in Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells (PEMFC) and Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC). Wang's technology leadership of TreadStone is driven by his expertise in advanced materials sciences including ultra-fine ceramic powder synthesis and characterization, ceramic polymer thick film techniques; device design including electrochemical gas sensors, battery systems and micro-systems technology.

Dr. Wang is the inventor of the metal plate technology and authored the patent and several disclosures. Prior to TreadStone, Dr. Wang worked for the Sarnoff Corporation for 6 years as a "Member of Technical Staff" where he led the development work for the metal plate technology. Before joining Sarnoff, Dr. Wang was a Research Associate at the University of Pennsylvania. He holds a PhD in Physical Chemistry from the University of Science and Technology, Beijing, China.

Mr. Michael Kelley - Mr. Kelley has substantial business and governmental experience including Deputy Assistant Secretary for International Trade/Basic Industries, U.S. Dept. of Commerce; Deputy Assistant Secretary For Congressional Affairs, U.S. Dept. of Energy; Legislative Assistant, U.S. House of Representatives; Babcock Wilcox; Union Camp Corporation; Assistant to Chairman, Houston Natural Gas; and is currently active on the Board of Directors for several U.S. and Canadian technology companies.

Mr. Franz Jaggar - Mr. Jaggar has 25 years experience working with executive level corporations and having financial responsibilities including early/late stage financing, mergers and acquisitions, and creation of financial infrastructures for technology companies. Mr. Jaggar has previously served as vice president for development for a major government contractor and was a manager for a major, nationwide accounting firm.

Dr. John Sofranko - Dr. Sofranko is currently the Executive Director of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers having responsibilities and operational oversight for over 40,000 professionals. Prior to the AICHE, Dr. Sofranko served as Chief Technology Officer at Lyondell Chemical Company where he was responsible for all technical aspects within the specialty chemicals division. Dr. Sofranko began his tenure at ARCO in the Research and Development department, where he was awarded over 60 US patents and 12 reviewed publications on the development of new chemical processes with an emphasis in fuel and chemical production from natural gas. He was promoted to Director of Corporate Planning in 1991, where he led a corporate-wide re-design of ARCOs market focused business plan. He was appointed Director of Strategic Growth Programs in 1997, where he was responsible for all merger and acquisitions, licensing, and technology partnerships. Dr. Sofranko received his bachelor of science in chemistry from the University of Delaware in 1975, and his Ph.D. in organic and inorganic chemistry from the University of Rochester in 1979.