DOTS Coating

The DOT coating products offer the best value in coating performance under the most severe system operating environments. The DOT coating is being used in specialty commercial fuel cells and electrolyzer systems where durability, low contact resistance, and best value pricing are key attributes required by the system designer.

The DOTS technology uses a small number of precious metal particles that are deposited on the metal component surfaces using a proprietary processing method. The small precious metal particles provide a conductive pathway for electrons to enter and exit the system. Being highly conductive, the small dots reduce the amount of precious metal used thereby assuring our customers the best value of low contact resistance, long durability, and low costs.

TreadStone controls the amount of precious metal applied by utilizing a patented deposition process. We optimize the performance and price of the coating solution without sacrificing durability.

The overall performance of the DOT technology is well documented by large commercial customers and US and overseas scientific laboratories. Depending on the application, various precious metals (gold, platinum, ruthenium, or iridium) and bimetal complexes can be applied to the target surface. The DOT coating can be used on stainless steel, titanium, and other metal components.

TreadStone can deposit the DOT coating product to parts of various shapes and sizes. We offer specialized coating services in our North American facility and are expanding production volume to handle over 1 Gigawatt starting January 2023.